Perfect Styles for Your Outdoor Space and Wicker Furniture

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Choosing the perfect wicker furniture for your Worchester space hinges on the style and attitude of the space you are designing. Wicker furniture is versatile, portable and durable, making it the perfect indoor or outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture can be selected in a range of colors, materials and styles.

At the Hill Company we offer wicker and synthetic wicker furniture from a variety of impressive designers. Modern and classic space designs will determine the right wicker finish and design for your space, while the targeted location will determine the best wicker material for long-lasting style and comfort.

Bohemian Eclectic

Bohemian eclectic is the perfect outdoor approach for nearly any space. Pair our light, natural colored wicker with bold colors and intricate patterns. Sunwashed colors and a miss-matched cohesion of patterns will lend itself handily to the ever-changing collection of outdoor furnishings. As your throw pillows, cushions or accent pieces get old and weather-beaten, replacing them is not dependant on finding the perfect match. Eclectic bohemian is full of life and energetic patterns – a whirlwind of spice paired with years of life experience.

Chic Seaside

Nothing says harborside or ocean breeze like the mixture of natural ocean colors. One of our grey wicker furniture sets can be paired with nautical blue or white cushions for a modern chic harborside look. A classic white wicker set can also be paired with lightly colored cushions for a modern and breezy ocean side feel.

Understated nautical is the new trending look, so don’t overuse the ocean accents – a few shells will go a long way. Instead, add surprising elements to your seaside look with surprising metal and glass elements, using a sea green or wheat accent color instead of an ocean blue, and keeping the space light and airy.

Charming Warmth

Light colored wicker furniture from the Hill Company can be paired with warm accent colors for a glowing design. Pair golden wicker chairs and couches with tangerine or brick red cushions for a summery porch style. Introduce a matching woven rug and warmly patterned throw pillows to add to the overall warmth of the space.

Natural Interior

Wicker furniture is not just for the exterior of the home, but can add charm and natural beauty to interior spaces as well. Pair our beautiful wooden wicker chairs with a glass and iron-wrought table for a modern approach to a world-traveled dining room. The natural materials of wooden wicker will contrast with the modern glass and metal furniture, offering a modern ethnic blend of warm, earthy pieces with hard, industrial ones.


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