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Choosing Outdoor Furniture That’s Ideal for Your Space

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Having an outdoor deck, patio, or balcony can be a wonderful luxury. However, if you don’t have the right outdoor furniture to go along with it, you might not be enjoying your Chestnut Hill outdoor space to its fullest extent. Many homeowners avoid purchasing outdoor furniture sets because they’re simply not sure where to start. With so many options, we know that making such a choice can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to provide you with some basic tips for choosing the outdoor furniture that’s best for your space.

Consider Maintenance and Care

Here at Hill Company, we offer a wide range of outdoor furniture options to suit everybody’s unique tastes and needs. However, the fact remains that some of our furniture requires more maintenance and care than others. For example, if you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance, consider going with furniture that’s made of aluminum. With this material, you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion over time; all you need to do to clean aluminum is to hose it down every so often with soap and water.

Other metal furniture options offer longer-lasting durability, but may be more prone to rust and corrosion. If you choose to go with one of our wrought-iron tables or chair sets, just be sure to cover your furniture when it rains so as to avoid this.

Factor in Comfort

Of course, if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, you’ll need furniture that you can rely on for comfort and functionality. We recommend that you carefully consider what you’ll mostly be using your outdoor furniture for at your Worcester home. Would you like to serve meals regularly on your outdoor furniture? If so, then you’ll need a large table that’s ideal for dining and plenty of comfortable chairs.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a small place to enjoy your morning coffee, then one of our three-piece bistro sets may do the trick. Just be sure to take into consideration how much seating you’ll need in addition to how comfortable it is.

No matter what type of outdoor furniture you’re looking for, know that Hill Company has what you need at fair prices. In addition to furniture, we also offer awnings and accessories, so keep us in mind for all of your outdoor entertainment space needs.

Enhance Your Garden Decor with an Outdoor Fountain

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Outdoor fountains have a way of personalizing a garden and bringing out the beauty of the surrounding decor. At Hill Company, you’ll find an extensive collection of decorative outdoor fountains in Chestnut Hill to complement most any garden setting. These decorative pieces come in diverse types, shapes and sizes to suit personal taste and preference. A classy outdoor fountain is sure to add a special touch to your abode.

Tips on Choosing

The type of fountain you buy, its size, construction and cost are all important factors to consider when choosing outdoor fountains in Chestnut Hill. Your fountain should complement your landscaping and match the style of your home. The right fountain will enhance the surrounding décor and bring out the best in your landscaping and garden.

At Hill Company, we can help you select the ideal fountain for your particular garden setting. We offer a wide selection of attractive outdoor fountains in all shapes and sizes, ranging from casual to formal designs. Nature lovers will appreciate our quaint animal fountains which come in an array of sizes. Pedestal fountains can add class and distinction to a large garden setting. Our selection of statues, rock fountains, tiered fountains, urns and more give you ample options to consider. We also carry outdoor fountains in both traditional and contemporary designs to complement your home style.

In addition to fountain type, you’ll need to consider the location, size and material of the fountain you desire. The size of your fountain should coincide with the size and space you have available in your garden. Its location will depend on how you want the fountain displayed. At Hill Company, our quality fountains are designed for aesthetic appearance and function, ensuring you get the most from your investment. We invite you to peruse through our attractive stock of outdoor fountains in Worcester to find just the design you need.

Customize Your Landscaping with Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains are one way you can customize your home’s landscaping to display your character and personality. A unique fountain design can transform an ordinary garden into a pleasing and eye-catching environment for all to see.

Decorative outdoor fountains will upgrade the exterior appearance of your home and add elegance and charm to your landscaping. At Hill Company, we look forward to helping you create a refreshing and inspiring garden setting your whole family can enjoy.


Shop for Relaxing Hammocks in Chestnut Hill

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We think any time’s a good time to relax in an outdoor hammock. Even on rainy days, a properly placed hammock under a covered deck or patio can be a great place to pass time, take a nap, read a book, or simply enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re looking to purchase hammocks for your property, why not check out Hill Company for great deals and a wide selection? Here are just a few of the hammock types we have to offer.

Traditional Rope Hammocks

We have plenty of these popular hammocks in stock. When most people picture a hammock, we think this is what comes to mind. Rope hammocks are made out of just that: a strong, durable rope material. They can be tied easily to trees or any other sturdy, freestanding structures. Our rope hammocks feature wider bases, which help you to keep your balance while you’re relaxing. These are perfect for an afternoon nap, so check out our selection today.

Quilted Hammocks

If “roughing it” in a traditional rope hammock isn’t quite your cup of tea, no worries; we’ve also go plenty of quilted hammocks in stock. These can also be easily secured to hammock stands or even two perfectly spaced trees on your property. The great thing about quilted hammocks, we think, is that they’re much more comfortable than rope hammocks. Some of them even have reversible fabric, so you can switch up the look to match your outdoor decor. While more prone to staining, these can often be easily washed or spot-treated as needed.

Free-Standing Hammocks

For those who have nothing to secure their hammocks to, there’s always the option of going with one of our free-standing models. Rather than allowing for a reclined position, these hammocks are secured to a built-in base with a suspended top, making for an ideal place to sit down without having to worry about hammock stands or trees. Another great benefit to a free-standing hammock is being able to easily move it as needed, which is ideal for staying out of the sun on hot days and enjoying the shade.

No matter what kind of hammocks you’re looking for as a Worcester homeowner, you’ll be sure to find a great variety and reasonable prices in Chestnut Hill. Check us out today to find out more about the brands we carry and our special prices or sales.


Perfect Styles for Your Outdoor Space and Wicker Furniture

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Choosing the perfect wicker furniture for your Worchester space hinges on the style and attitude of the space you are designing. Wicker furniture is versatile, portable and durable, making it the perfect indoor or outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture can be selected in a range of colors, materials and styles.

At the Hill Company we offer wicker and synthetic wicker furniture from a variety of impressive designers. Modern and classic space designs will determine the right wicker finish and design for your space, while the targeted location will determine the best wicker material for long-lasting style and comfort.

Bohemian Eclectic

Bohemian eclectic is the perfect outdoor approach for nearly any space. Pair our light, natural colored wicker with bold colors and intricate patterns. Sunwashed colors and a miss-matched cohesion of patterns will lend itself handily to the ever-changing collection of outdoor furnishings. As your throw pillows, cushions or accent pieces get old and weather-beaten, replacing them is not dependant on finding the perfect match. Eclectic bohemian is full of life and energetic patterns – a whirlwind of spice paired with years of life experience.

Chic Seaside

Nothing says harborside or ocean breeze like the mixture of natural ocean colors. One of our grey wicker furniture sets can be paired with nautical blue or white cushions for a modern chic harborside look. A classic white wicker set can also be paired with lightly colored cushions for a modern and breezy ocean side feel.

Understated nautical is the new trending look, so don’t overuse the ocean accents – a few shells will go a long way. Instead, add surprising elements to your seaside look with surprising metal and glass elements, using a sea green or wheat accent color instead of an ocean blue, and keeping the space light and airy.

Charming Warmth

Light colored wicker furniture from the Hill Company can be paired with warm accent colors for a glowing design. Pair golden wicker chairs and couches with tangerine or brick red cushions for a summery porch style. Introduce a matching woven rug and warmly patterned throw pillows to add to the overall warmth of the space.

Natural Interior

Wicker furniture is not just for the exterior of the home, but can add charm and natural beauty to interior spaces as well. Pair our beautiful wooden wicker chairs with a glass and iron-wrought table for a modern approach to a world-traveled dining room. The natural materials of wooden wicker will contrast with the modern glass and metal furniture, offering a modern ethnic blend of warm, earthy pieces with hard, industrial ones.


The Right Outdoor Design For Any Yard

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As spring turns to summer, people are starting to get their yards ready for time spent with family and friends. We at Hill Company understand that it is important for the outdoor landscape to be a friendly and inviting atmosphere for any home’s residents and guests. We offer many choices in patio furniture, awnings and accessories to suit any property. Our clients have unique needs, and a few tips make sure that purchasing patio furniture in Chestnut Hill is always a win.

Patio Furniture

When it comes to outdoor seating and tables, any homeowner should determine what is needed. A big table with several wide chairs may not be appropriate for a couple who only wants to have breakfast outside on Sunday mornings. Similarly, a small table with two chairs will not be enough for a large family, or a household with many entertainment obligations. Remember that less is usually more, and that room to move is crucial. No one wants to trip over excess furniture trying to move around the yard.


For the rest of the outdoor landscape, we have just about anything a homeowner could want. Perhaps a hammock is just the ticket, for those lazy summer evenings. Or, our clients sometimes prefer fountains and statuary to add some stone to all the green. We also offer a variety of designs from Beatriz Ball, handmade metalware. We encourage our customers to choose whatever accessories they need to make their backyard, deck or patio perfectly beautiful, without adding clutter.


Before the summer gets really hot, we think homeowners should have a plan to create some shady spaces in the outdoors. Our awnings are a fantastic way to achieve this, without having to build permanent additions to the home. The awnings from Hill Company may be either permanent or temporary. Installation is simple. And then, our clients get shading where they need it, without completely blocking the view.

Everyone wants to have a comfortable yard, especially in the warm spring and summer months. With the right design, any landscape will accommodate outdoor entertaining and peaceful evenings home with the family. We at Hill Company know that our customers have different needs, so our patio furniture in Worcester is designed to meet a variety of specifications. With our awnings and accessories, any homeowner will have a patio that is the envy of their neighbors.


Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space with All-Season Furniture

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Some Pennsylvanians may be reluctant to invest in patio furniture because they fear it will not hold up or be very useful during the coldest months of the year. However, our professional staff at Hill Company can help you find outdoor furniture in Chestnut Hill that you can use to enjoy a picnic in June and to supervise your kids when they build a snow man in February. An outdoor chimney for warmth and an umbrella or awning to keep off snow and rain can make your own outdoor living area surprisingly comfortable on the hottest summer day and chilliest winter evening.

Outdoor Awnings

Surprisingly versatile awnings come in a variety of colors and styles. Many models roll up to prevent them from being damaged during a severe storm and allow home owners to enjoy sunny days when they choose. However, they can also get rolled out to protect your skin from harsh sunshine, cool off the patio, and keep a sprinkle of rain or snow from ruining your cup of tea on the patio.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Why not make the next patio set that you purchase from us the last one that you ever need to buy? We also offer rugged and attractive wrought iron patio furniture that you can plan to pass on to your kids and grandkids. You can also purchase the chairs with comfortable cushions in a variety of colors and types too, and some of the tables come with colorful mosaic tops that will liven up your yard and can complement your home and other fixtures.

One great thing about iron furniture, besides its durability, is that it is also solid and weighty. That means that the first strong wind won’t blow it over.

Aluminum and Cast Aluminum Furniture

If you prefer something lighter than iron, you might also choose aluminum furniture. You do not need to worry about leaving this furniture out in the rain or snow because aluminum does not rust. In fact, aluminum is a very popular choice for outdoor furniture in Chestnut Hill because it tends to be affordable, and it is also durable, long-lasting, and lightweight.

Enjoy Outdoor Living All Year Long

We at Hill Company want to help you enjoy your deck or patio as much as possible. Stop by to find the right furniture and accessories to furnish your outdoor room as well as you furnish your indoor rooms.


Caring for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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At Hill Company, we know that our customers want to add long-lasting beauty to their patios, decks and outdoor living areas. Adding wicker furniture to a Worcester front or backyard can increase the beauty and functionality of the space. When cared for properly, our wicker furniture can last for years to come. These tips will assist in the cleaning and care of outdoor wicker furniture from Worcester.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • Brush Once a Month. Once each month, use a soft, natural bristle brush to remove loose dirt and other debris from the surface and weave of the wicker furniture.
  • Remove Stubborn Dirt. Any remaining dirt that isn’t removed with brushing can be cleaned off by vacuuming the wicker furniture.
  • Washing Wicker. Similar to any other outdoor furniture, a seasonal washing can keep wicker in great shape. Use a mild detergent in warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of ammonia if excess humidity and mold are a concern.
  • Rinse Gently. Use a hose on the “Mist” setting or a bucket of water to rinse the furniture. A strong stream of water can damage the wicker.
  • The Drying Process. Allow the wicker furniture to air dry completely. Do not place any weight on the furniture until it’s completely dry to avoid having a permanent sag.
  • If Moisture is Needed. Gently rub dry wicker furniture with linseed oil to restore moisture. Wipe off excess oil once you’re done. Do not substitute with any other oil.
  • Protection During Inclement Weather. Wicker furniture can remain outdoors year-round, but protecting it during a hard rain or wintertime can prolong its life. Cover the furniture with a plastic covering during rainy days and store in a sheltered area during winter.
  • End of Season Check. Give the furniture one last cleaning and check the weave to see if anything is out of place.

Relax and Enjoy an Outdoor Living Space

Caring for wicker furniture from Worcester throughout and at the end of the season will ensure it’s ready to be used again at the first sign of spring. After the long, cold winter we’ve had in Pennsylvania, we know our customers are as anxious as we are to get the patio or deck set up for many months of outdoor relaxation and enjoyment. A beautiful wicker furniture set from Hill Company will give any outdoor living space an inviting appeal that says “comfort, enjoyment and relaxation”.

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No Piece of Furniture Says “Free-time Fun” Like a Hammock

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Anthropologists have, as anthropologists do with so many things, studied the history of hammocks and found that these nylon slings have been around for about 1,000 years and were probably created by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Central America. Simply constructed from weaved plant fibers and tree barks, these comfort-facilitating beds made it possible for people to get rest without making contact with any dirt, debris or pesky creatures such as snakes or rodents on the ground.

So, although its makers created this this snug-fitting sleeping vessel as a practical measure, it has become at least slightly more associated as the ultimate symbol of sleeping in leisure. Most of us quickly get the image of a hammock strung between two palm trees on a desolate, yet stunning, beach of white sand under blue skies and sunshine. Perhaps there is a mouth-watering adult beverage somewhere nearby and the sleeper lays with a book splayed across their chest and their hat’s brim covering their face.

If this image is what you have in mind for your home’s outdoors space, we can help you make that dream a reality at Hill Company. Well, maybe minus the exotic location, but otherwise, we have beautifully constructed hammocks that will stand the test of time and number of naps you plan to take. Whether you plan to search for hammocks in Chestnut Hill or Worcester, we will help you find the hammock of your dreams so you can start dreaming.

Whether in spring, summer, fall or…well, maybe not winter unless you are pretty resilient against the elements and have hardcore winter gear, enjoy any lazy days that come your way with this classic furnishing to do so. Make sure to check out our full selection of hammocks since, during our 60 years in business, we have studied this classic outdoor piece, trying to find ways to make it a truly pleasurable and relaxing experience for you that allows you to quickly escape the stresses of daily life. We offer you traditional hammocks, as well as more innovative hammock models, stands and hammock accessories.

At first, your family might have trouble figuring out where you are since you will sleep so soundly you might not hear them, but after a while they will know where to look for you when they don’t receive any response from you. Additionally, you might catch them taking naps in your hammock whenever you step away, so you might eventually need to invest in more than one hammock for the family.

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