Adding distinctive outdoor furnishings to your company’s landscape says many things…

It says you care enough about your guests and employees that you would invest in their comfort.

It says that you have a sense of taste and style that you wish to communicate.


It also says that you understand good value when you see it, and outdoor furniture from the Hill Company offers you some of the very best value you can get in patio furnishings.

 Did you know that we offer literally dozens of patio sets, fountains, statues and accessories to decorate your place of business? We can work with you to help match your corporate tone or go in a completely new direction – the choice is yours! We’re here to help.

After forty years of specializing in quality outdoor furniture for commercial use, Hill company understands the demands placed on you as manager.  We know what’s practical, what’s durable, and what will hold its good looks over many seasons.  We pride ourselves in our ability to supply the best available furniture to meet your specific needs, large or small…no matter what your budget might be.

The item we cannot picture is our service.  We are here to serve you. We covet your business and pledge to fulfill your requirements with the highest quality outdoor furniture available.

The Hill Company has supplied outdoor furniture for country clubs and swim clubs, nursing homes, restaurants, resorts, parks and recreational facilities. Please also see our other furniture categories, all are available for commercial use.

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