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Caring for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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At Hill Company, we know that our customers want to add long-lasting beauty to their patios, decks and outdoor living areas. Adding wicker furniture to a Worcester front or backyard can increase the beauty and functionality of the space. When cared for properly, our wicker furniture can last for years to come. These tips will assist in the cleaning and care of outdoor wicker furniture from Worcester.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • Brush Once a Month. Once each month, use a soft, natural bristle brush to remove loose dirt and other debris from the surface and weave of the wicker furniture.
  • Remove Stubborn Dirt. Any remaining dirt that isn’t removed with brushing can be cleaned off by vacuuming the wicker furniture.
  • Washing Wicker. Similar to any other outdoor furniture, a seasonal washing can keep wicker in great shape. Use a mild detergent in warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of ammonia if excess humidity and mold are a concern.
  • Rinse Gently. Use a hose on the “Mist” setting or a bucket of water to rinse the furniture. A strong stream of water can damage the wicker.
  • The Drying Process. Allow the wicker furniture to air dry completely. Do not place any weight on the furniture until it’s completely dry to avoid having a permanent sag.
  • If Moisture is Needed. Gently rub dry wicker furniture with linseed oil to restore moisture. Wipe off excess oil once you’re done. Do not substitute with any other oil.
  • Protection During Inclement Weather. Wicker furniture can remain outdoors year-round, but protecting it during a hard rain or wintertime can prolong its life. Cover the furniture with a plastic covering during rainy days and store in a sheltered area during winter.
  • End of Season Check. Give the furniture one last cleaning and check the weave to see if anything is out of place.

Relax and Enjoy an Outdoor Living Space

Caring for wicker furniture from Worcester throughout and at the end of the season will ensure it’s ready to be used again at the first sign of spring. After the long, cold winter we’ve had in Pennsylvania, we know our customers are as anxious as we are to get the patio or deck set up for many months of outdoor relaxation and enjoyment. A beautiful wicker furniture set from Hill Company will give any outdoor living space an inviting appeal that says “comfort, enjoyment and relaxation”.

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No Piece of Furniture Says “Free-time Fun” Like a Hammock

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Anthropologists have, as anthropologists do with so many things, studied the history of hammocks and found that these nylon slings have been around for about 1,000 years and were probably created by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Central America. Simply constructed from weaved plant fibers and tree barks, these comfort-facilitating beds made it possible for people to get rest without making contact with any dirt, debris or pesky creatures such as snakes or rodents on the ground.

So, although its makers created this this snug-fitting sleeping vessel as a practical measure, it has become at least slightly more associated as the ultimate symbol of sleeping in leisure. Most of us quickly get the image of a hammock strung between two palm trees on a desolate, yet stunning, beach of white sand under blue skies and sunshine. Perhaps there is a mouth-watering adult beverage somewhere nearby and the sleeper lays with a book splayed across their chest and their hat’s brim covering their face.

If this image is what you have in mind for your home’s outdoors space, we can help you make that dream a reality at Hill Company. Well, maybe minus the exotic location, but otherwise, we have beautifully constructed hammocks that will stand the test of time and number of naps you plan to take. Whether you plan to search for hammocks in Chestnut Hill or Worcester, we will help you find the hammock of your dreams so you can start dreaming.

Whether in spring, summer, fall or…well, maybe not winter unless you are pretty resilient against the elements and have hardcore winter gear, enjoy any lazy days that come your way with this classic furnishing to do so. Make sure to check out our full selection of hammocks since, during our 60 years in business, we have studied this classic outdoor piece, trying to find ways to make it a truly pleasurable and relaxing experience for you that allows you to quickly escape the stresses of daily life. We offer you traditional hammocks, as well as more innovative hammock models, stands and hammock accessories.

At first, your family might have trouble figuring out where you are since you will sleep so soundly you might not hear them, but after a while they will know where to look for you when they don’t receive any response from you. Additionally, you might catch them taking naps in your hammock whenever you step away, so you might eventually need to invest in more than one hammock for the family.

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Outdoor Fountains for a Beautiful Yard

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Adding outdoor fountains in Chestnut Hill or in Worcester adds beauty to a yard or garden. The peaceful sounds of water promote relaxation as the fountain becomes an attractive part of the outdoor living space. At Hill Company, we know that having an outdoor fountain can be beneficial for many reasons. Our guide to basic care for outdoor fountains will help our customers keep their fountains looking beautiful and functioning properly for many years. An outdoor fountain that’s properly maintained can serve as the focal point of an outdoor living space and become a garden enthusiast’s pride and joy.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Fountain

  • Promote relaxation and meditation
  • Attract and enjoy local birds
  • Promote pollination of plants, flowers and trees with visiting birds
  • Add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a home
  • Increase a home’s value

Cleaning and Care for an Outdoor Fountain

  • Remove Dirt and Grime. Once each month remove water with a wet vac or siphon. Wipe debris out with a cleaning cloth, and then scrub the surface with a light vinegar and water solution. Let the fountain reservoir air dry.
  • Prevent a Clogged Pump. A clogged pump can lead to a damaged fountain mechanism. Keep leaves, dirt and other debris out by covering the end with a nylon sock.
  • Keep Water Clear. A safe water clarifier will keep the water clean and clear while deterring the development of algae, stains and scale.
  • Never Let it Run Dry. Particularly in hot, dry weather, it’s important to ensure there’s enough water so the pump doesn’t run dry, leading to overheating and damage.
  • Use People and Wildlife Safe Cleaners. A variety of cleaning products are available for outdoor fountains in Worcester or in Chestnut Hill. Cleaners with natural enzymes are safe for people and animals, and remove concerns of having children, pets or wildlife around the fountain.

Choosing the Ideal Fountain

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff at Hill Company can help customers choose the ideal outdoor fountain in Chestnut Hill. Likewise, we provide guidance for customers looking for outdoor fountains in Worcester. Since an outdoor fountain is something that can add to a yard or garden for years, we want our customers to be well-equipped to care for theirs properly. Contact us with questions regarding the purchase and installation of an outdoor fountain or for further care and maintenance tips.


How the Great Outdoors Can Give You More Living Space

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When homeowners search for additional living space, we often see them pay huge bucks to contractors for expensive additions. But we believe there is a better way. How? Our suggestion is to take advantage of an under-utilized patio or deck and turning it into a stunning outdoor living room.

In the past, homeowners were often satisfied with throwing an ugly, old lounge chair, a plain round table and a few flimsy plastic chairs onto their decks. Serviceable, yes. Inviting? Hardly.

Today, however, the trend is to bring the indoors out — in other words, using modern outdoor furniture that closely resembles the furnishings we would typically see in a living room, such as comfy couches and plush chairs. The big difference is that these pieces are constructed of beautiful waterproof fabrics and materials that have been constructed specifically for outdoor use.

We love this trend and believe that by embracing it, homeowners can create a beautiful outdoor space that is perfect for relaxing or for entertaining. Here are a few of our favorite tips for turning a plain deck or patio into that extra special spot for all of your gatherings, both big and small.

  • At the Hill Company, we love the look of plush outdoor couches and chairs that just beg visitors to sit for a while. So our extensive collection includes a number of weatherproof pieces that are so beautiful that our customers are often surprised that they are meant to be left out in the heat, rain and snow. The Hill Country has been offering patio furniture in its historic Chestnut Hill location since 1949. We are also proud to offer the same extensive selection of patio furniture in our Worcester location.
  • Lamps outdoors? Of course. We believe that scattering a few pretty lamps on end tables helps to enforce the illusion of an outdoor living room.
  • We also love’s suggestion of adding a water feature, such as a fountain, to an outdoor living space. The sound of water is hypnotic and adds to the relaxing ambiance of an outdoor room.
  • To create a seamless transition from indoors to out, we suggest that our customers sprinkle plants liberally throughout their outdoor living areas.
  • For chilly evenings, may we suggest a fire pit? Everyone loves gathering around an open fire to cook some delicious S’Mores or to sip a cool glass of wine.

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Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Outdoor Living

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An inviting outdoor living space creates an environment that people can enjoy throughout the seasons, whether with family or guests. There are so many different types of outdoor furniture in Chestnut Hill and in Worcester that it can be hard for an individual to make the best choice for their home and family. At Hill Company, part of the services we offer is to help our customers find the right style and type of outdoor furniture to suit their tastes and needs.

Types of Outdoor Furniture

  • Mosaic & Tile Tables. Lend Old World charm to a patio or deck that’s easy to maintain. Mosaic and tile tables add color, pattern and texture.
  • Wicker. Easy to maintain, wicker outdoor furniture will last years when cared for properly.
  • Wood. Wood and wood composites give an outdoor living space a special look. From beach theme to rustic or modern, we have the ideal wood furniture for a patio or porch.
  • Steel. Get durability and beauty with steel outdoor furniture. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, there’s something for every deck.
  • Teak. This popular wood for outdoor furniture is able to stand up well to various climates and weather.
  • Aluminum. The choices in aluminum furniture are astounding. Because it doesn’t rust, aluminum outdoor furniture lasts a long time.

Tips for Choosing

  • Intended Use. We recommend considering the intended use and frequency of use when looking at outdoor furniture.
  • Lifestyle Considerations. Consider who will be using the furniture, as well as entertaining needs. This will impact the amount of seating and table space needed.
  • Surroundings and Decor. Outdoor furniture should complement the surrounding decor and outdoor area. Choose a material that works well with landscaping and patio or deck decor.
  • Budget. At Hill Company, we offer a variety of budget-savvy options for outdoor furniture. Our affordable prices make it possible to beautify a space without breaking the bank.

An Outdoor Living Space that’s Functional and Beautiful

Our staff members at Hill Company work with customers looking for outdoor furniture in Worcester and Chestnut Hill to help them achieve a beautiful, functional outdoor living space. We offer a large variety of materials, styles, sets and individual pieces to suit everyone’s needs. An outdoor living space is really an extension of the home; we want our customers to enjoy the time they spend in their own backyards.


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