Outdoor Fountains for a Beautiful Yard

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Adding outdoor fountains in Chestnut Hill or in Worcester adds beauty to a yard or garden. The peaceful sounds of water promote relaxation as the fountain becomes an attractive part of the outdoor living space. At Hill Company, we know that having an outdoor fountain can be beneficial for many reasons. Our guide to basic care for outdoor fountains will help our customers keep their fountains looking beautiful and functioning properly for many years. An outdoor fountain that’s properly maintained can serve as the focal point of an outdoor living space and become a garden enthusiast’s pride and joy.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Fountain

  • Promote relaxation and meditation
  • Attract and enjoy local birds
  • Promote pollination of plants, flowers and trees with visiting birds
  • Add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a home
  • Increase a home’s value

Cleaning and Care for an Outdoor Fountain

  • Remove Dirt and Grime. Once each month remove water with a wet vac or siphon. Wipe debris out with a cleaning cloth, and then scrub the surface with a light vinegar and water solution. Let the fountain reservoir air dry.
  • Prevent a Clogged Pump. A clogged pump can lead to a damaged fountain mechanism. Keep leaves, dirt and other debris out by covering the end with a nylon sock.
  • Keep Water Clear. A safe water clarifier will keep the water clean and clear while deterring the development of algae, stains and scale.
  • Never Let it Run Dry. Particularly in hot, dry weather, it’s important to ensure there’s enough water so the pump doesn’t run dry, leading to overheating and damage.
  • Use People and Wildlife Safe Cleaners. A variety of cleaning products are available for outdoor fountains in Worcester or in Chestnut Hill. Cleaners with natural enzymes are safe for people and animals, and remove concerns of having children, pets or wildlife around the fountain.

Choosing the Ideal Fountain

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff at Hill Company can help customers choose the ideal outdoor fountain in Chestnut Hill. Likewise, we provide guidance for customers looking for outdoor fountains in Worcester. Since an outdoor fountain is something that can add to a yard or garden for years, we want our customers to be well-equipped to care for theirs properly. Contact us with questions regarding the purchase and installation of an outdoor fountain or for further care and maintenance tips.


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