No Piece of Furniture Says “Free-time Fun” Like a Hammock

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Anthropologists have, as anthropologists do with so many things, studied the history of hammocks and found that these nylon slings have been around for about 1,000 years and were probably created by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Central America. Simply constructed from weaved plant fibers and tree barks, these comfort-facilitating beds made it possible for people to get rest without making contact with any dirt, debris or pesky creatures such as snakes or rodents on the ground.

So, although its makers created this this snug-fitting sleeping vessel as a practical measure, it has become at least slightly more associated as the ultimate symbol of sleeping in leisure. Most of us quickly get the image of a hammock strung between two palm trees on a desolate, yet stunning, beach of white sand under blue skies and sunshine. Perhaps there is a mouth-watering adult beverage somewhere nearby and the sleeper lays with a book splayed across their chest and their hat’s brim covering their face.

If this image is what you have in mind for your home’s outdoors space, we can help you make that dream a reality at Hill Company. Well, maybe minus the exotic location, but otherwise, we have beautifully constructed hammocks that will stand the test of time and number of naps you plan to take. Whether you plan to search for hammocks in Chestnut Hill or Worcester, we will help you find the hammock of your dreams so you can start dreaming.

Whether in spring, summer, fall or…well, maybe not winter unless you are pretty resilient against the elements and have hardcore winter gear, enjoy any lazy days that come your way with this classic furnishing to do so. Make sure to check out our full selection of hammocks since, during our 60 years in business, we have studied this classic outdoor piece, trying to find ways to make it a truly pleasurable and relaxing experience for you that allows you to quickly escape the stresses of daily life. We offer you traditional hammocks, as well as more innovative hammock models, stands and hammock accessories.

At first, your family might have trouble figuring out where you are since you will sleep so soundly you might not hear them, but after a while they will know where to look for you when they don’t receive any response from you. Additionally, you might catch them taking naps in your hammock whenever you step away, so you might eventually need to invest in more than one hammock for the family.

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