Caring for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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At Hill Company, we know that our customers want to add long-lasting beauty to their patios, decks and outdoor living areas. Adding wicker furniture to a Worcester front or backyard can increase the beauty and functionality of the space. When cared for properly, our wicker furniture can last for years to come. These tips will assist in the cleaning and care of outdoor wicker furniture from Worcester.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • Brush Once a Month. Once each month, use a soft, natural bristle brush to remove loose dirt and other debris from the surface and weave of the wicker furniture.
  • Remove Stubborn Dirt. Any remaining dirt that isn’t removed with brushing can be cleaned off by vacuuming the wicker furniture.
  • Washing Wicker. Similar to any other outdoor furniture, a seasonal washing can keep wicker in great shape. Use a mild detergent in warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of ammonia if excess humidity and mold are a concern.
  • Rinse Gently. Use a hose on the “Mist” setting or a bucket of water to rinse the furniture. A strong stream of water can damage the wicker.
  • The Drying Process. Allow the wicker furniture to air dry completely. Do not place any weight on the furniture until it’s completely dry to avoid having a permanent sag.
  • If Moisture is Needed. Gently rub dry wicker furniture with linseed oil to restore moisture. Wipe off excess oil once you’re done. Do not substitute with any other oil.
  • Protection During Inclement Weather. Wicker furniture can remain outdoors year-round, but protecting it during a hard rain or wintertime can prolong its life. Cover the furniture with a plastic covering during rainy days and store in a sheltered area during winter.
  • End of Season Check. Give the furniture one last cleaning and check the weave to see if anything is out of place.

Relax and Enjoy an Outdoor Living Space

Caring for wicker furniture from Worcester throughout and at the end of the season will ensure it’s ready to be used again at the first sign of spring. After the long, cold winter we’ve had in Pennsylvania, we know our customers are as anxious as we are to get the patio or deck set up for many months of outdoor relaxation and enjoyment. A beautiful wicker furniture set from Hill Company will give any outdoor living space an inviting appeal that says “comfort, enjoyment and relaxation”.

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